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  • Low profile barely visible from the ground
  • Rigid aluminum construction prevents collapse like screens or plastic guards
  • Sloped design does not collect trash like flat or recessed products
  • Smooth surface allows debris to slide off
  • Small, slotted openings allow water to flow into gutter, but keep leaves, pine needles, and other debris from entering gutter
  • Design protects gutter from ice storms
  • Excellent color selection matches most standard gutter systems
    • White
    • Bronze
    • Clay
    • Wicker
    • Ivory
    • Royal Brown
    • Black
    • Copper
    • Almond
    • Musket Brown


  • Prevents clogged, overflowing gutters
  • Keeps gutters clean, so you don't have to
  • Installs over existing gutters
  • Handles the heaviest rainfalls
  • Adds years to your existing gutter system
  • Affordable


Gutter Snap vs. Domed Products
Domed, nose forward products such as Gutter Helmet and Gutter Topper work well if installed by a professional installer. These products, however, cannot be installed on low-pitched roofs, metal, tile, or slate roofs. Almost all domed covers must be screwed to the roof and may void the roof's warranty. Domed covers are very, very expensive; nationwide, most are sold at $12 to $22 per foot.

Gutter Snap vs. Vinyl Covers
The most popular vinyl cover, Waterfall, has the water channel recessed in the middle of the cover. The recessed channel collects leaves, seeds, and debris. In addition, Waterfall and other vinyl covers may collapse under the weight of ice and snow.

Gutter Snap vs. Foam Filters
Like screens, foam filters have holes or openings that eventually clog. Since most foam filters sit inside and below the gutter trough, leaves and needles may lodge on top of the foam.

Gutter Snap vs. One-Piece Gutters and Covers
One-piece gutters and covers work like nose forward gutter covers, except that the homeowner must replace the existing gutter with the one piece gutter and cover. Because these systems are sold only through exclusive dealers or franchises, they are again very expensive, costing over $20 per foot.